Team JQ99

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Team JQ99


Time to go home

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It’s Monday morning and we’re having omelets for breakfast.  Only two more hours and we’ll be on the way to the airport.  Pray for safe travels and good connection to our flight in Atlanta.  See you soon!


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We had a great day in Antigua.  We arrived downtown about 10:45am, and were able to shop, sight-see and check out the town until 4:45pnm.  McDonalds, Burger King and Pollo Comparo were the food choices of the day, along with some ice cream and flurries.  It was nice and warm and the sun was shining!  Couldn’t ask for any better than that!

Medical Clinic #2

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Last night we did our second medical clinic.  There were some really bad cases and really sick people, and so to get through 80 families took us over 6 hours.  The projector did not work, and so we couldn’t show the Jesus film, but we sang and gave testimonies and Hermano Jesus preached the word of God.  Many people came forward to receive Christ and to be prayed over.  Thanks for all your prayers!  Aaron and Melissa are feeling better today: they’ve been sick for a couple of days.  The rest of the group is healthy, and today we are all going to the market to do some sight-seeing and shopping.

Medical Clinic #1

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Tonight we did our first medical clinic.  Only a few people were there when we arrived, and by the time we had gone through 14 families we were standing around waiting.   We ate supper and learned that the village was having a meeting.  They came in droves later, and half of us were still running the clinic when the rest of the group sat and watched the Jesus film with the people who had been through the clinic already.  We sang and gave some testimonies and Hermano Jesus (brother Jesus) gave a message and an altar call.  Many people came forward to accept Christ with joy and with tears.  Hermano Jesus led them in the salvation prayer and we joined as a group in prayer over them.  Bibles were passed out for those who accepted Christ.  And at the close of the night, all the families who went through the clinic brought their numbers to the vans and received a bag of rice, beans, soap and a Bible tract.  Our journey home was safe and we had a great night of sleep.   Pray for us again tonight as we do the same thing, but with a different group of people.  Pray for God’s Spirit to move, for safety on the roads, and for a good response to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Check out the pictures from last night and the blogs!

Friday morning

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On to another busy day. This morning we are packing bags of beans, rice and tracts for the families, and putting together meds in bags. We had brownies for a snack…yumm! Noemi is making us a delicious looking lunch before we head out. Pray for the team tonight as we travel to a village and run a medical clinic, play with the kids and present the gospel of Jesus Christ through a movie, preaching and our testimonies and songs. Pray for safety on the roads, good health, and the courage to share what God is doing with the people who come. Watch for an update on the clinic tomorrow, as we’ll be back very late tonight. If you haven’t done it yet, check out the pictures and the blogs of the team members. Thanks for your prayers and encouragment! It means a lot.

Day 3

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Today was the last day in this village. We finished building the houses, sanding, painting, decorating and putting on the roof.  The guys already had installed the windows and doors yesterday, so today was relaxing and laid back.  Both dedications went well, and many today accepted Christ as their Savior.  Hermano Jesus sang with the children, spoke to them, and preached to the surrounding  adults.  We sang as a group, and gave testimonies of how God has worked in our lives.  We played ‘jump on the gringo’ (musical chairs with a twist) and a fun relay game, as well as making fools of ourselves with the chicken dance.  The pinata  (Strawberry Shortcake)  was a hit and the kids got lots of candy.   Check out the posts for more info and the pictures for a glimpse of our day.

Day 2 part 2

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We left after lunch to go and visit the new base and do a ‘little’ bit of sanding.  3 and a half hours later, we were finished with the remaining sanding and mudding.  Gorgeous view of the mountains!  This is going to be a wonderful facility for Dan and Heidi and Paradise Bound Ministries as they continue to minister to the people here.  Check out the new pictures from today!

Building Day 2

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Day 2 of building is completed!  The drywall is sanded, the stucco is on the houses (and on all of us)  and the relationships have been made.  We’re back at the base for lunch, and then heading to the new base to see the progress.  Pray for continued health and good weather…today was sunny and warm!  Check out the individual pages for more updates later today!

Check it out!

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Check out some of our pictures from today!  If you know someone on the team, you can click on their name for updates and can write encouragements and notes to them!